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Skill 0: Remaining Relational

"Skill Zero" in the Life Model is to get relational. Life goes so much better when the connecting part of your brain is switched on. See these recommended resources to move forwards in your journey. 

I want...

Checkout the Life Model's most useful resources. These are recently updated with all new content.

I want to understand what remaining relational is and how it works.

Start Learning

It helps to understand what we are doing and what is happening. Chris Coursey literally wrote the book on this subject. Here we recommend a recorded seminar. This is a theory course with a touch of practice.

I want practice: the theory doesn't matter if you don't DO it.

Start Learning

Quite right. The best practice for this is done by Chris Coursey, who we know, and is leader of THRIVEToday. If you have watched our free resource on relational circuits, then this does more practice on it. In our experience, people need extended practice and this is the best out there. (Course with short practice sessions).