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Prayer and Inner Healing

In the end, it's all about inner transformation which results in improved relationships

Joyful Journey

The best prayer resource from the LIfe Model movement is this delightful book,
Experiencing God's presence brings healing, peace and connection. Like any other relationship, experiencing God's presence takes practice. Immanuel journaling is based on scripture and neuroscience and simple to learn. 

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The Immanuel Approach

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A safe way to pray which is effective and highly influential in the current inner healing movement by Christian psychiatrist Karl Lehman. If the book is pricey then you can go to https://www.immanuelapproach.com/

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Karl Lehman maintains this list of practitioners.


Start Learning

Get to understand the different parts of your personality. Not a part of the Life Model family but a way of understanding the personality that builds on the insights of Jim Wilder and Karl Lehman.

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This is the way we pray for people. Click here to be in touch with Ruth.