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Life Model Intro 

Brain-based biblical solutions to relationships and faith

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I want to calm down and find peace

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The key to mental health is to be able to calm down. 

We spent the last year putting this course together with great results. Do take a look (Course).

Mike's gratitude journal

I want to feel better

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A shortcut to joy and better relationships is to spend time in appreciation. Mike has a free 10 part course that you can try. It only takes three minutes a day to do and opens up the world of appreciation (Free Course).

Meet Mike & Ruth...

We have spent the last six years researching, using and training others in the life model. Bishop Bill Atwood called Mike "the most well read person in the Life Model I know."

The goal of this site is to help you to access the riches in the Life Model so you can thrive. The riches are found in theory plus skills plus a transforming relationship with God.

Personally, our relationship has become more loving and our ministry more effective through engaging with the Life Model. Mike is a vicar and coach in England; Ruth is a coach and ministers in inner healing and freedom. 

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